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great wood projects

Great Wood Projects For Beginners

It is always said beginners are in luck. They always get what they want because they have luck beside them in the beginning of their […]

woodworking bed plan

Easy Bed Plans For Woodworking Projects

There are some wooden projects which are always in demand. These include household items like furniture pieces, jewelry boxes, utensils and doors etc. one furniture […]


9 Must Have Woodworking Tools

Before you start with any new Woodworking Projects, you should check both physical and mental effort. It requires concentration and the force of your hands. There are […]

woodworking hobby

Woodworking is A Hobby To Endure

If you want to create stunning woodworking projets, then you`ll need to endure the hobby woodworking. How about a new hobby to get started with? […]

Great Wood Projects For Beginners

great wood projects

It is always said beginners are in luck. They always get what they want because they have luck beside them in the beginning of their careers, personal lives and anything else in the world. Exactly like that, the wood working beginners are also in luck. They are prone to get the right kind of guidance and expertise from elder wood workers who have been in the game. There are many wood workers who have been in luck because they can find guiding and mastering highland woodworking classes of woodworking in their area. These wood workers get advices as well as critical analysis of their work done and find out what needs to be displayed in their woodshops and what was just a pissing off factor for the customers. There are online as well as offline advices and expert opinions given regarding wood projects for beginners which help them decide what they want to precede making and what they don’t want to. These beginner projects are basically those which can be easily made in a particular time frame. These projects are for shaping and transforming the basic concepts of wood working in the minds of the wood workers who have recently begun the work.

great wood projects

great wood projects

Great Wood Projects For Beginners

The wood projects for beginners include household items mostly. The household wooden accessories are essential and they need to be mastered before anything else is produced and formed. The basic household items which are taught to the beginners include doors and window panes. The doors maybe the first ever item made by woodworker professionally. Once he gets the door right, he can create all basic shapes with precision and finesse. The door is supposed to be rectangular shaped with height being the biggest of all dimensions. The first door assigned to any beginner wood worker is the plain wooden door. The wood worker is to select his own wood and cut the pieces of bark as required. Then he is to give sharpness to the edges of the door. After he is done, he is to smooth the sharp edges so they do not hit something and tear right through. If the wood worker has selected the right wood, sharpened the door as required, he will move on to the craving and patterning of the door. The basic lesson in the wood projects for beginnersis to master the shaping and sizing of the door. Then the wood worker can move on to better and bigger things.

The next in line is the window panes or other basic furniture pieces in the house. The windows are also in similar shape as the door. Hence leaving the hollow space in the window structure is what the wood workers need to do. The wood needs to be selected as to withstand the sharpness of the glass or mirror inserted for making a complete window. The shape of a basic window is rectangle and that is the one that needs to be learned before round and triangular shapes are made. After the window panes, the wood workers have to move on to the furniture pieces with easy and basic shapes. First in line in the wood projects for beginnersis the table. This table is supposed to be rectangular or square in shape and very small in size. It is always advised to start off with little things and then move on to bigger ones. The round table is a little harder to achieve hence the beginner wood workers have to begin with the rectangular or square tables. The top of the table needs to be very smooth and straight as per the shape chosen. The legs of the table need to be firm, straight and very strong. The wood worker must keep in mind that the table is that one furniture piece on which people sit, place heavy items and eat food as well. People also place mirrors and glasses on the top; hence the strength in the legs and top are required.

wood projects plans

wood projects plans

When the beginner wood worker known what kind of wood he needs to choose and has mastered making the table, door and window panes; he can move on to things like birdhouses and sign boards. Every area in every town needs sign boards. They are easy to make once the wood worker knows how to make tables and doors. The sign boards become a source of earning from the beginning for the wood worker. The wood projects for beginnersinclude sign boards as a sample of anything bigger they would have to create. This means how the basic concept of making sign boards is for learning of shaping the wood without the use of heavy machines. One more thing taught to the beginner wood workers is to use simple and manual tools. Yes, the expert wood workers have huge and heavy machineries; but that is because they have worked with their hands an entire lifetime and now deserve ease. The beginner wood workers need to learn how to work with the right body proportion and tools which would suit what they do.

After the doors, tables and window panes are completed, the wood workers are to make birdhouses. Birdhouses are very easy and basic in the wood projects for beginners. However, the birdhouses in the beginners’ projects are the simple ones. Just like the door or the table, there need to be four equally cut and smoothed wooden pieces. Or, two of the wooden pieces can be slightly larger than the other two. The learning concept here is the joining of these four wooden pieces. The test of the beginners’ lies in the joining of the birdhouse. Nails and screws are used but the test is in the hiding of these nails. Some wood workers attach too big nails and they keep appearing on the sides of the walls of the birdhouse. However, most of the wood workers know how to make the walls join without breaking or damaging anything about them. A hole is also made for the birds like sparrows to enter and seek shelter.

The basic concept of the wood projects for beginnersis to make sure all wood workers learn how to start off with the wood without getting bored of the same kind of work. When these basic concepts have been mastered, the wood workers will find it much easier to work and handle wood and recreate it into something usable for all customers. The beginners are always more energetic and enthusiastic to learn wood working and earn their livelihood. Therefore, giving them the right guidance and advices is what the experts could do.

Easy Bed Plans For Woodworking Projects

woodworking bed plan

There are some wooden projects which are always in demand. These include household items like furniture pieces, jewelry boxes, utensils and doors etc. one furniture piece that is required by everyone always is the bed. No matter how many people live in a house, the number of beds is going to be equal to the number of bedrooms in it. The wood workers are always seen working on new beds and new designs of beds. They love to make new woodworking patterns and project plans which are in demand by the people. There are many bed plans woodworking available online as well as in their minds. There are bed plans for elderly, for newly-weds and for children. There are so many bed designs and patterns and the best thing about them is that they are always in demand.

woodworking bed plan

woodworking bed plan

There are many kinds of designs and patterns of beds available in the woodworking shops. The beds of children are very creatively made and attractive. For young boys, they have beds made like cars and action heroes. These beds have the colors for boys for example black, shades of blue and more. Other bed plans woodworking for boys include the themes of cartoons. Cartoons like Ben Ten, Spiderman, Superman and more are incorporated in the beds for boys. These beds are longer than the usual size so that the posterior side of the bed is elongated and has the designs and patterns of the action heroes or cartoons. For girls there are hundreds of bed plans woodworking. A wood worker knows all angels of beds and hence has a complete idea of what the girls want.Girls are usually fans of colors like pink, yellow and white. They love colors that are attractive and loved by all kinds of people. They usually have flowers carved on the sides of the bed and are painted in girly colors. There are cartoons like Disney princesses and power puff girls which are always painted on the wooden cravings of the bed. These beds are usually smaller in size and the painting on them is very pretty.

Other bed plans woodworking includes the bed bunk. The bed bunk is the double bed which is usually for kids under ten years old. The brothers and sisters can sleep on this bunk bed together while enjoying the pretty painting and carvings on the bed. The wood workers need to create an image of what they want to showcase on their beds. They need to make a rough draft by looking at different plans of beds presented online or on other mediums. After the rough draft is completed, they can incorporate colors and carvings along the sides and backs of the beds. There are different designs which include the backs being a lot longer and thicker than normal size. There are other designs which include the height of the bed higher than before. Then there are those which include pamphlets and curtains placed on the head of the bed.

There are many innovative bed plans woodworking for newly-wed couples too. They include curtains and drapes drawn over the bed with romantic colors. All these ideas are loved by the engaged couples who are to get married soon and are looking for furniture pieces. The bed is an essential item for any family and hence the different styles and designs are bought by different people. Other designs include longer legs of the bed made with firm and erect wood so the legs can withstand the weight upon it. There are different styles of drapes and curtains which can be incorporated in the design of the bed from the bottom or the top. There are very different and stylish bedding plans for wood workers to look at and get inspiration. Multi-colored and bold colored beds are also among the latest trends for bedding.

farmhouse bed storage 3

farmhouse bed storage 3

There are websites of the wood workers who have been in the game for over decades and have presented various designs and patterns for beds on their websites and blogs. These prove to be very helpful for bed plans woodworking. Other than these sources, there are magazines and media related sources which offer inspiration for bedding designs. There are magazines which present an entire bedroom decorated with a color scheme. The wood worker can create the replica of the bed presented in the magazine or change some aspects of the original to make something new. Whatever the choice is, the bed designs and patterns are always endless and in demand from the wood workers. All woodworker must always have beds in their display shops. Since most of the people renovate their bedrooms and the first item for change is the bed. The bed that is to be placed in the display woodshop needs to present creativity as well simplicity. The wood worker can check for bed plans woodworking and create something from his imagination after seeking inspiration. These plans have helped many in motivational and inspirational aspects. The customers coming to woodshops usually need to feel the ambiance of a home. What is a home without e bed? It is of utmost importance that the bed is placed in one corner or middle of the woodshop. This helps a lot of customers decide what kind of change they need in their bedroom and the kind of change they have been looking for. Every wood worker must have his one master bed which presents his mindset.

9 Must Have Woodworking Tools


Before you start with any new Woodworking Projects, you should check both physical and mental effort. It requires concentration and the force of your hands. There are some essential woodworking tools that every wood worker should carry. Let’s get started with the list straight away.

  1. Claw Hammer: The most important is the claw hammer. It’s the most versatile woodworking tool and the most basic. It has claw on one side and a hammer on the other. It is mostly used in construction. Choose one which is not too heavy otherwise you’ll twist your hand.
  2. The level: Level helps us to see if the wood pattern cut is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). It is made of brass edge wood or metal. If the bubble is between the lines then you have level or plumb toolssurface.
  3. Chisel: It is a woodworking tool which is used to clean out joints and saw cuts. To make a hole, you just use a chisel and blow it with a hammer on top. Smallest chisels are used for mortise work.
  4. Moisture meter: It is also a very essential tool. It helps to find out how much moisture is in the wood as you have to work on the wood with the right moisture in it or else it’ll break. There are two types of moisture meters available: one with pins which can make holes in your wood and the other ones are pin less, they have plates and better technology to see the moisture level and are the most preferred ones.
  5. Tape Measure: Tape measure is a wood working tool used to measure the length accurately. It has a hook at the end which is used to make the tape stay a place. The tape should be at least 25 feet long. It should have both standard and metric markings.
  6. Utility knife: Having a utility knife is an asset. They are the knives with disposable blades. They are mostly used to clean out hinge mortise and scribing a mark in the wood. But they have many other uses too.
  7. Sliding Bevel: it is also called T bevel. It is a wood working tool best used to duplicate angles or to mark angles. It has locking mechanism which makes using it easier. It is adjustable.
  8. Nail set: A nail sets consists of nails that look like small round chisels looking objects. They are of several sizes and can have either a concave or a convex grip.
  9. Screwdriver: It is made of soft metal and has a square blade at its end. You should choose the one which is long. It gives torque while working. There may varieties: Philips and flathead, square head, torx and star drivers.
  10. Layout square: It comes in two types. 6’’ and12” sizes. 6” ones are easier to carry around. They are used to determine angles. You should buy the ones which are made of metal. Plastic ones are not so durable. They are easiest to make a square line for end cut.

So next time you go out doing your woodwork, you know which woodworking tools to carry in your tool box.

Woodworking is A Hobby To Endure

woodworking hobby

If you want to create stunning woodworking projets, then you`ll need to endure the hobby woodworking. How about a new hobby to get started with? Woodworking is the thing for you if you are interested! Woodworking is the art of making things out of wood; it’s the creation of objects from wood. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? And there are just so many easy woodworking projects out there!

Once you get good at it, you can even make a boat for yourself! Woodworking as a hobby not only provides a good pastime but it also helps strengthen your muscles and giving you a better look. It helps strengthen you forearms, biceps and triceps.

Woodworking is the project of a person with a wild imagination, who can imagine each and every detail and angle of the object. With easy woodworking projects you are developing your physique too!

And living in a world run on computers and gadgets, going out a doing some of the woodwork will do wonders to you and your health and brain. Even schools are promoting woodwork classes a lot these days so students can go out and apply their minds instead on just sitting inside and texting on their phones.woodworking hobby

Woodwork can also help students who have problems with abstract mathematics and hence, improve math skills. It can also increase attention span as it requires great attention because of the tools you are working with. Your each and every move should be made carefully so as to make the product you desire. Woodworking as a hobby provides an all round development of the human being. Their mental skills sharpen along with their physical fitness by just taking part in easy woodworking projects.

How many of you will be willing to go out in the morning and go for a run? Only 1 out of 4.But with woodworking, you are nurturing yourself into a better person, with every sharp hit you make you are transforming yourself. With the kind of physical activity woodwork requires, you will end up with great health and even greater mental skills.

And when you know how to make a table, how to make a rack and a shelf and even a boat, then it surely saves money. With easy woodworking projects you can save money big time!  You’ll be able to fix things as you’ll learn how to handle different tools and how they are supposed to work. Woodworking is the best thing out there that speaks masculine! When there is something broken and you know how to make it right, it gives you a sense of pride in yourself! Woodworking as a hobby is surely going to improve your self-esteem along with other above explained things. So, what’s better than to take up woodworking as your hobby! It’s the right choice; if you take my advice then you should give it at least one try. You are going to enjoy it!

But whenever you start woodworking, stay safe and learn how to operate the machines and tools first before getting your hands on them all at once. Even easy woodworking projects require a lot of attention and efforts and passion to complete a project. So, enjoy woodworking and make it your hobby and learn with every step. Trust me, you won’t regret!

Different Types Of Wood For Your Woodcraft Projects

woodcraft types of wood

Different Types Of Wood For Your Woodcraft Projects

Woodcraft – Types of Wood

If you are looking into different types of woodcraft furniture for your house, it is vital to understand the different types of wood, as well. Knowing the types of wood will also help you understand which colors the wood can range from and the durability of the woods. You will also know whether the wood will exhibit knots or other imperfections that wood furniture normally has. You may be looking for a wood that is darker and heavier or maybe you need something that will fit the décor of a room that is more natural, light and airy.woodcraft types of wood

Here is a list of different types of wood that woodcraft furniture is made of and what to expect from each type of wood:

Pine Wood

Think of pine trees, which, if you happen to cut open, will exhibit a soft wood inside. While there are many types of pine, a favorite is the wood from pine trees that grow in the U.S. The reason for this is the light yellowy color and the beautiful, swirly round knots that add to the wood furniture more than they subtract from it. The lighter colored, soft wood makes it wonderful for painting and staining, because it absorbs the color well.

Maple Wood

Think about the huge maple trees that you admire. Maple is similar to the pine in that it is another very light colored wood; however it is actually a hard wood, rather than the softness that pine offers. As a matter of fact, it is actually the hardest wood that is used in woodcraft. Maple is quite durable and long-lasting and will also absorb stains or paint nicely. This wood is great for cabinets and desks.

Cherry Wood

If you are looking for a darker wood, cherry wood comes in a dark reddish brown color with amazing lighter swirls of sapwood. Because of the rich and creamy color of cherry wood, it is a favorite amongst people who love their wood furniture. Cherry wood is normally utilized for furniture such as desks and cabinets.


Basswood is one of the lightest colored woods you will find. Yielding from Northern Pennsylvania, this durable wood is another hard wood with an extremely smooth grain. When it comes to woodcraft, this wood holds paint and stain very well.

Northern Red Oak

This wood is an extremely hard wood that comes in a mahogany red hue. You can expect durability and excellent staining abilities when it is being used for woodcraft.


Mahogany is similar in color to cherry wood, and ranges from a reddish color to a light brown, with straight grain patterns that are fairly tight. It is a softer wood than, cherry, though, and is normally used for doors, molding and trim around rooms.

Black Walnut

Black walnut is utilized the most out of all dark woods that are considered hard. It is readily available and offers a soft grain that is perfect for woodcraft, because it is easy to cut. Black walnut is also often used for plywood; therefore it is a great wood for some of the larger woodcraft projects. Musical instruments are also made of walnut.

Now that you understand the different types of wood better, you will be able to select the woodcraft that you are interested more intuitionally, whether furniture or frames or wooden doors. Whether you are woodworking or selecting a new piece of furniture, you will be able to differentiate whether the wood is a soft wood or a hard wood and whether it will take to paint or stain well if you are just purchasing it natural.



How To Keep Bird Houses Safe And Healthy

safe bird houses
safe bird houses

“Birdhouse Ralph”

Keeping Your Birds Healthy And Safe

One of the greatest joys a bird lover experiences is having a bird house.   Truly, this results in years of magical wonder each time they can observe bird families.  From babies hatching to families growing up, there are many great joys to experience from having a bird house.  However, to get the most from this experience, you need to make sure that your feathered families are living in a healthy and safe environment.  In addition to the dangers faced by things such as predators, climate is another wood be hazard facing bird houses.  By keeping the bird house in an optimal climate and in safe conditions at all times, you can rest easily knowing your feathered friends are in good hands at all times.

Keep The Climate Safe

In order to have a safe, loving and comfortable home for nesting birds, you always need to keep on top of the weather conditions.  Exposing the birds to horrible weather conditions or dangers places can cause serious harm or worse.  Following these steps will ensure your feathered family will be safe and snug at all times.

Proper Ventilation

Make sure that you are selecting a bird house design that features ventilation holes in the upper part of the walls.  What this does is circulates fresh air and prevents the house from getting to hot.  Failure to do so can cause the birds to suffocate under the conditions. If the design does not have ventilation holes, simply drill holes in to either corners or sides of the bird house.  What you are doing here is making sure that air is continually flowing throughout the bird house which will provide comfortable living arrangements for the family.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

The bird house must be positioned away from direct sunlight or prevailing winds.  This is a non negotiable rule.  Make sure your bird house is positioned so that the open doors are not looking into the sun or in the way of potential dangerous winds.  Both full and partial shading will keep the bird house cooler and also will keep it in a protected away, free from harmful predators and other distractions.   Your birds need to be protected at all times and this is one of the best ways to do that.

Keep It Dry

It is very important that the angle of the bird house is situated in a way that prevents rain from easily entering the home.  Whether through ventilation holes or even the door opening, rain can be problematic for the family.  Additionally, some bird house models call for an angled face which is perfect in this situation.  What it does is make water run off more effectively and also a larger roof can keep the interior of the bird house dry.  Remember, you must protect your family from the unpredictability of the weather.  Rain can be extremely detrimental to their long term survival if they are not kept dry.

Avoid Metal

Simply put, metal is the worst possible material to construct a bird house from.  Under no conditions should you ever consider building a bird house out of metal.  During the summer months, metal bird houses can become miniature ovens as a result of the heat.  Thus, your birds can be in grave danger of being seriously burned if their homes are constructed of metal.  Even worse, the reflective metals are highly visible to predators and can serve almost as a bulls eye to them.  Keep your feathered family safe from the elements and from potential predators by making sure that metal is never part of the construction process.

How Finding a Woodworkers Supply Can Help You

How Finding a Woodworkers Supply Can Help You

Whether you’re building a fence or a shed, woodworking is always a rewarding activity. How many people can say they’ve built their own functional projects? But if you’re looking to take pride in your work, you’ll want to use the very best supplies and materials available on the market today. And for that, you’ll need to find a woodworkers supply. But where do you find one and what can they offer you?

Finding the Best Woodworkers Supply

Even if you live in a small town, chances are there’s a woodworkers supply nearby. Generally speaking, you can find everything you need at a hardware store, lumber shop, or even from local woodworkers themselves. You’ll probably have to do a bit of research if you’re in a very small town or living rurally, but many people who live in rural areas do their own building. You’ll definitely be able to find someone if you just do a little looking.

If you live in the city, it might be a little tougher to find a woodworkers supply downtown. Occasionally there are artisan craftsmen in the city who sell materials to other craftsmen, but sometimes there just isn’t anything to be found within the city limits. In this case, you’ll have to look to the suburbs to find a hardware store or lumber shop. There are even special franchises that you can find in larger cities across the United States.

How Can a Woodworkers Supply Help You?

You might be asking yourself why you’d even need a woodworkers supply in the first place. Wouldn’t it just be easier to order online? Or maybe you can talk to a friend and find out where they got their supplies? Well, you could. But when you visit a woodworkers supply, you’ll get everything you need as well as experienced advice.

That is probably one of the most important things for any woodworkers, but this particularly applies to newbies. Talking to an experienced craftsman will help you understand exactly what materials and tools you should be getting for your specific project and skill level. Furthermore, you’ll know that everything you get from a woodworkers supply is high-quality and recommended by the pros. You wouldn’t get that guarantee if you simply went online or tried to gather materials all on your own!

The Benefits of Purchasing from a Woodworkers Supply Store

We’ve already talked about how the professionals at a woodworkers supply can point you in the right direction. But let’s now talk about all the things that you can find at such a store.

A woodworkers supply is a one-stop shop for all your woodworking needs. You’ll be able to find everything in one convenient spot: abrasives, driver bits, finishes, fasteners, hinges, hardware, specially-designed woodworking clothing, safety equipment, videos, and plans. Virtually anything you could ever need will be right at your fingertips, and you can speak to an experienced woodworker about your project to get personalized advice about your particular project.

Buying plans before you start a project is equally as important as purchasing tools and materials. When you try to do a woodworking project without first planning it out, you’re not going to get optimal results. Again, by going to a woodworkers supply store, you can find the perfect plan to ensure your project turns out just the way you need it to!

So whether you’re a novice woodworker looking to start with a small personal project, or an experienced woodworker ready to take on something new and challenging, find your local woodworkers supply before you begin—and be proud of what you can achieve.

How To Be Safe While Woodworking On Your Projects

Safety With The Table Saw

For an avid wood worker like you, you know that the table saw is generally your first and most commonly used piece of equipment in your shop.  Did you know that it is also the most dangerous.  Statistics show, the improper use of a table saw is the cause of most injuries and deaths in the work shops.  Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot continue to use your table saw safely.  By simply using proper safety combined with a little common sense, you can greatly reduce you chances of becoming another workshop statistic.

Always Wear Safety Gear

Seems like an easy thought I know.  However, you’d be surprised at how many times I hear about someone loosing a finger or having permanent eye damage as a result of not being adequately prepared in the work shop.  As a rule, when you are operating power tools, always wear the proper safety equipment.    To start, you should never be anywhere in your work shop without wearing safety glasses and ear protection.  Additionally, consider the clothing you are wearing as well.  Things like neckties, jewelry and loose fitting clothes should be barred from your work shop.   They all pose a serious threat to your safety and can be extremely dangerous when worn while operating a table saw.

Keep A Clean Work Area

When you are using your table saw, you must make sure that your work area is free from any debris.  Things like stock, cut offs and sawdust are things that must be completely out of your work area.  Any of these things are likely to get in the way and impair your ability to perform safe and clean cuts.  There are countless stories of a loose piece of stock becoming a dangerous projective because it connected with a moving blade.  Consider anything in the area of your table saw to be a potential threat to the safety of you and everyone in your work shop and remove it at once.

Always Check Safety Features

Before you begin anything with your table saw, make sure you are checking the safety features first.  You must make absolutely certain that they are all set and properly functioning before beginning any tasks.  Each safety feature is designed specifically with your safety in mind and should always be carefully adjusted before you turn the power on.

Never Free Cut

One of the most dangerous mistakes I hear about from other woodworkers is those who attempt a free-hand cut.   Just don’t do it.   One slip and the saw blade can be recklessly spinning out of control.  Better yet, always use miter gauge or the fence to properly guide the stock.  Be advised however that the miter gauge and fence should NOT be used together under any circumstances.  What can happen is the stock’s end grain can bind against the fence causing real trouble.

Check For Foreign Objects

Before you begin any cut, you must check the wood for any loose objects.  Things like a loose screw, nail or stable can be extremely dangerous.  Any of these items can become a projective should it come in contact with the spinning blade.  It’s best to have a metal detector since you can use it to check for any loose objects you might not catch at first.  This is especially important when you are working with recycled material.

Disconnect Power Before Changing a Blade

Before  you change a blade or make any adjustments on your table saw, make absolutely sure that the power has been disconnected.  This eliminates the chances that the saw could be accidentally turned on while you are working on it.   Should you not realize the power is on, you could be in very close proximity with a running blade which can result in extremely dangerous consequences.

Some Of The Most Famous Woodworking Joints

woodworking joints

Some Of The Most Famous Woodworking Joints

If you are a beginner in woodworking, then you are going to want to know what the types of joints are used for woodworking. Different types of woodwork require various joints to adjoin the pieces of wood together in an efficient and usable way. By gaining a better understanding of woodwork joints, you will be better able to figure out how to create the joints that you need for each project that you are working on. Additionally, knowledge of woodwork joints will also help you to better choose furniture and other wooden made items, because you will understand the quality that was put into the joints of the wood.

Birdsmouth Joint – You may hear this joint referred to as a bird’s beak cut. This is when there is a V-shaped piece of the rafter that is cut out. This is where the wall-plate and the rafter connects, such as for roofing.

Bridle Joint – A bridle joint is also called an open tenon, tenon, and tongue and fork joint or open mortise. This joint forms a fork shape and the mate includes a necked joint or a through tenon. If you are making the top of a rafter or a window sill, this is the type of joint you would use.

Butt Joint – One of the weakest, yet simplest joints, the butt joint usually has two points that slide into two holes, where the two pieces of wood butt together. Many dressers and desks use this joint.

Dado Joint – This joint is also known as a trench joint or a housing joint. For this joint, the woodwork would have a slot against the grain and the other piece adjoins into it. Bookshelves sometimes have this type of joint, where the shelves of the bookshelf slide into the sides of the bookshelf.

Dovetail Joint – The dovetail is made of fingers with diagonal cuts that fit together perfectly. This joint is normally used for drawers of a dresser.

Groove Joint – This joint is similar to the dado joint, but instead of cutting the slot against the grain, it runs along with the grain.

Halved Joint – This joint is made by removing wood from both pieces that are to be joined at the point where they will intersect, creating an overlap.

Miter Joint – The miter joint is similar to the butt joint. The difference between a butt joint and a miter joint is that the pieces of wood of the miter joint often have a 45 degree beveled angle.

Mortise and Tenon – The tenon is a stubby end on the wood which slides tightly into the mortise (hole). This is an extremely strong joint used for frame and panels in cabinets, windows and doors.

Splice Joint – This joint attaches two pieces of wood at the ends.

Tongue and Groove Joint – There is a groove that cuts alongside the edge of each piece of wood, and then there is a ridge, which is called the tongue) that juts out of the other edge. This joint would be called a spline joint if the tongue is not attached to the wood.

woodworking joints

Even if you are not into woodwork as a hobby, if you are purchasing a piece of furniture that is ready-made, the quality of the furniture lies in the woodworking joints that are utilized to attach the pieces of wood together. The above list explains the different joints and you can tell how strong they will be by reading the description. If you are purchasing a dresser or desk that is made of quality wood, but has unreliable or weak joints like butt joints, you will know that the furniture will not last as long as it would if it had mortise and tenon joints.

Why You Should Use Woodworking Plans on Your Next Project

Why You Should Use Woodworking Plans on Your Next Project

Spring is here, and that means gardeners and home improvement aficionados alike are starting to plan their woodworking projects. Whether you’re going to build a new gazebo or simply install a little fence for your garden, you’re going to need to make a plan first—or your project might not turn out looking like what you were expecting. Although it costs money to purchase woodworking plans for your projects, it’s well worth it. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about why you shouldn’t overlook purchasing high-quality woodworking plans from reliable sources.

  1. The plans were designed and tested by professionals. Let’s think about it for a minute. Have you ever built a woodworking project before? Even if you have, how did you go about planning it? Most people aren’t experienced with drawing up plans, and very few ever see satisfactory results when they simply wing it. By looking for woodworking plans, you can avoid setbacks and frustration. Each plan was designed and tested by a professional woodworker—so you know that if you follow the steps, you’ll be able to be proud of the results you get.
  2. You won’t risk wasting your money. Most people who try to go without woodworking plans end up making at least one mistake, which costs them both time and money. Wasting money isn’t something anyone enjoys, so why not take a look at the cost of materials, time, and the plans altogether and figure out exactly what your project’s budget is? Then you can compare with other local construction and home improvement companies to see if it would cost less to have them do it. Chances are that you’ll find purchasing woodworking plans and doing it yourself is indeed the best route.
  3. You’ll be sure your project fits. What if you designed something on your own or just tried to go by instinct… and you discovered that your project didn’t even fit into the space you’d constructed it for? That would be an incredibly frustrating experience. But if you plan ahead of time and get woodworking plans, you’ll be able to make certain that your project will fit where you want it to. With exact measurements and specific directions for construction, there’s almost no room for error.
  4. You’ll have room for creativity. Let’s face it: not all of us are brilliant artists. While you might be able to come up with a simple woodwork design, it can be more challenging to design a complex project. Not everyone understands all the intricacy involved with constructing a gazebo or a shed, for example. But if you plan ahead with woodworking plans, anyone can construct the project. You can hire a professional or take the DIY route, but either way, you’ll have a great design to work from.
  5. There’s more time for adding your own personal flair. If you decide to go with a great woodworking plan, you might be surprised at how much room for personalization there really is. You don’t want the roof made of a certain type of shingle? No problem. Just exchange it. You want to paint it a different color? By all means, you have the freedom to do so! You might feel a little limited by woodworking plans at first, but as you get further into your project, you’ll really be amazed at the personal touch you can give to it.

These are just a few of the great reasons you should consider woodworking plans over your own personal ones—saving time, money, and of course, frustration, are healthy for you and your family!